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Sitewerk - We build Digital Experiences for People

We are an owner-managed software agency from Switzerland. A team of enthusiastic software and design specialists conceives and develops customer-specific software with a focus on design and user experience.


«Our solutions turn products into digital experiences. They are individual, of high quality and offer companies and users real added value. With intuitive operation and an attractive design, we make everyday life easier for many.»

Mission Statement

Our Values - According to which We Act with Each Other, with Our Customers and Partners


Trust over control

For us, trust is the basis of good cooperation. We treat each other as well as our customers and partners as equals, we are transparent and honest. In projects, we actively contribute our professional opinion, think along and question.


Passion over degrees

We are passionate about developing unique solutions that inspire. Our fire for new technologies can hardly be tamed and we are constantly educating ourselves to stay up to date.


Mass customization over mass production

Our solutions are creative and innovative, as is our approach. We work agile and develop individual solutions that go beyond the usual standards in terms of technology and design. This is how we create a user experience in every project that inspires.


Following the team over freedom and independence

Freedom and personal responsibility enable the whole team to organize their work according to their own needs and thus always get the best out of it. The team is above everything.


Responding to change over following the plan

Sitewerk is free from stubborn processes and rusty structures. Focused but dynamic, we are gradually working towards our vision.

Board of Directors

Aron Heynen

Aron Heynen

CEO, Owner - Sitewerk Switzerland
Nick Vollenweider

Nick Vollenweider

COO, Senior Consultant - Sitewerk Switzerland
Artsiom Tsernouski

Artsiom Tsernouski

CTO, Senior Software Architect - Sitewerk Switzerland


everyday life at sitewerk

Sitewerk employees
Sitewerk Team Meeting
Sitewerk Team Meeting
Sitewerk Employee
Working at Sitewerk

Working at Sitewerk

A group of people who pursue their passion every day work at Sitewerk. The friendly atmosphere, the modern working conditions as well as the exuberant aperitifs and Fürobebier's promote the well-being of our team. The goal is for employees to enjoy their work and do what makes them happy. This enables us to uphold our values and deliver the desired quality of work. Perhaps you will find a suitable position and soon become part of our team. We also look forward to unsolicited applications.

Visit Our Offices

Solothurn -Switzerland (picture taken by Michel Lüthi, Bilderwerft )

Sitewerk AG
Werkhofstrasse 52
CH-4500 Solothurn

+41 32 501 19 22


Vilinius - Lithuania (picture taken by Dovydas Žilinskas)

Sitewerk UAB
Tilto g. 1
LT-01101 Vilnius

+41 32 501 19 22

Vilnius - Lithuania

Lisbon - Portugal

Sitewerk Unipessoal Lda


+41 32 501 19 22

Lisbon - Portugal

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