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Best of Swiss Web

Best of Swiss Web

Wow - Sitewerk wins not one, not two but three awards at the BoSW 2024: Gold for Digital Commerce, Silver for Business and Bronze for Innovation. We are incredibly proud and happy! Click here for the teaser video, here for the project documentation.

Strategy, Design and Technology

Our solutions turn products into digital experiences. They are individual, of high quality and offer companies and users real added value. With intuitive operation and an attractive design, we make everyday life easier for many.

Digital Consulting and Strategy
We are specialists in individual digital solutions. We support you in the conception of a digitalization strategy, in the analysis of processes, in the collection of requirements through to IT project management during the implementation of the software project. We are a long-term partner for start-ups, but also for established companies.
UX and UI Design
It is crucial to know your target group and their needs very well before designing the user interface of your application. With the help of design thinking and human-centered design methods, we evaluate what your customers want and use this to develop UX and UI design concepts. With design drafts and UI prototypes, you can test your idea on the market in a targeted and cost-effective manner. Together we create solutions that your customers love.
Software Development
We are passionate software developers. We develop interactive frontend and scalable backend solutions, program interfaces to software applications such as CRM, PIM and ERP and take care of the maintenance and support of your software. With the help of technical prototypes, Proof of Concepts (PoC) or Minimal Viable Products (MVP), concepts can be tested cost-effectively before we implement them together in an agile software project.


We Are Open and Honest and Like Customers with Whom We Can Work with as Equals.

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