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Digitalization Strategies by People for People

We digitalize your business - from the Idea to Implementation

Digitalization affects us all, regardless of company size or industry. Implementing these often very complex projects systematically and holistically with both trustworthy and capable partners is usually difficult.

Our software agency specializes in the conception, design and implementation of individual software. We have extensive experience in the digitalization and optimization of business processes in various industries and companies, as well as in the design and implementation of web-based or mobile applications, 2D and 3D configurators and websites. We support you professionally and competently. Thanks to our user-centric approach, we create products that exceed your expectations.

How Do We Create Digital Added Value Together?

Identification, Analysis and Evaluation of Ideas and Areas of action

We support you in mastering strategic challenges by working with you to record and prioritize your ideas, business initiative or use cases in a structured manner in order to develop tailor-made solutions. As a trustworthy and independent partner, we provide you with recommendations for action and you receive a second opinion. This is how you create structure and responsibilities to optimally prepare your digital project for implementation.

Process Analysis, Modeling and Digitalization

Together with you, we analyze the ACTUAL state of your business processes in order to then model the TARGET state and digitalize it using various approaches. This can range from the customer app, to the business portal website, to the product configurator, for example.

Change Management

Digitalization means change, which can stir up fears among employees and CEOs alike. However, being able to manage changes effectively means achieving real competitive advantages. We support you in advancing your digital projects with the greatest possible acceptance in your company by involving the users in the preliminary phase and also offering training courses and support beyond the implementation.

The digital transformation is constantly opening up new opportunities for companies

The digital transformation is constantly opening up new opportunities for companies

. In order for a company to stay on the digital ball, it is necessary to identify the potential, develop strategies and think outside the box. Digitalization is complex and surrounded by almost unlimited possibilities. Finding your way around it as a company is not easy and it is often helpful to call in external experts to develop a qualified digitalization strategy for the company.

Possible Results of the Digitalization Strategy

Online offer with configurator for your end customers

Using a configurator on your website, you pick up the basic needs of your new customers. Based on an initial price calculation, customers can see whether a purchase is even an option for them.

Offer Configurator for your Sales Department

With the help of guided software, the back office, tele-sales or project managers can create a binding offer (quote) without in-depth specialist knowledge. The configuration is based on the data from the web configurator.

Digital Sales Assistant (app)

The days of a pad of paper and the tedious transfer of notes are over. A digital sales assistant in the form of a tablet or smartphone app accompanies the seller during the on-site visit. Data collection is guided and digital via the app.

Automatically generate offers and documents

Based on the data from the offer configuration, offers and documents are generated automatically. With the help of templates, visually appealing sales documents can be generated.

Business Software

With the help of an individual business software solution, your productivity can be increased by checking, optimizing and digitalizing your process flows. The most diverse business processes and actions are precisely documented and carried out.

Landing Pages for More Leads

With the help of optimized landing pages and advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and Co., make your new configurator known and accessible to your target group.

Lead Management

The contact data obtained can be easily managed and maintained on the web. For example in a simple Customer Management System (CRM).

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Have you already thought about using configurators? But don't know how to start... Then download our free guide and learn important key questions from practice.

Our Process, which Has Been Tried and Tested Several Times, Leads to a Digital Solution Made to Measure.

Free Initial Consultation

At the beginning of a digital project, there is a problem and great ideas for solving it. The first step towards your digital future is an initial, free consultation. This helps us to get an initial insight into the problem and to discuss how to proceed.

General Conditions and Scope

Before your ideas can be implemented, careful planning of the project is essential. This includes, among other things, setting out the scope of the project, discussing the conditions, setting out a time frame with dependencies, defining the project method and much more

Requirements Analysis

In order to find the right digital solutions, it is extremely important for us to understand your needs. The analysis forms the basis for the design and development of modern software solutions such as web applications, portals, configurators and/or websites. The structured recording of the requirements and wishes for the digital solution are crucial.

Design and Conception

In this phase, the architecture and the UI design are developed. In addition, interfaces (e.g. your ERP and CRM) to peripheral systems are designed and defined. If necessary, a prototype is developed and presented in this phase. Sitewerk attaches great importance to good usability for all solutions.


Now it's down to business and the software solution is developed based on the previous steps and the interfaces to the surrounding systems are implemented. This phase is naturally the longest of the entire process and is kept agile. This approach has proven to be very flexible, efficient and effective.


There is no doubt that the software is continuously tested and improved during the development process. You and your users are already involved if necessary. This step is integration and end-to-end testing. At the end of this step, the solution is accepted and thus released for productive use.


You've made it - we're online! This phase is the real goal. The new 3D product configurator, the new web application or the new web portal goes into operation and is made accessible to users.

Operation, Maintenance and Support

After the successful commissioning of your individually developed software solution, operation begins. Depending on your needs, the processes of your software are monitored and availability is ensured.

We Achieve Our Solutions with the Right Methods and the Latest Technologies.

Let's Realize a New Project Together