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Digitization - Is Everything Getting Easier and Better Now?

Opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in companies

"If you digitize a shitty process, you end up with a shitty digital process". In other words, digital transformation is neither a "silver bullet" nor does it solve all of a company's problems. However, if you use digital tools in a targeted manner, they can bring the decisive advantage over the competition.

The digital transformation

A digital transformation involves the use of digital information and communication technologies to improve the performance of a company or organization. Existing company processes, customer experiences or business models are being further developed and digitized.

Targeted optimization

The implementation of digitization can express itself in different ways in every company. It is important to individually identify the work steps or processes that can be optimized and accelerated through the targeted use of software, mobile apps or tools from the cloud. Specifically, the question arises as to where the shoe pinches the most and which digital change has the greatest business impact.

But watch out: Every day you read about new technologies that are trendy. However, these are often not yet mature and suitable for the masses. Don't overwhelm yourself, your customers and other stakeholders with it. Contact experts. There are many mature, digital tools that you can use to achieve your goals and increase the performance of your company.

Start, learn, perfect

It's not about how to start. The important thing is that you do it – and preferably right now. The digital transformation is an ongoing, rapidly advancing process. It started with the development of the first computer and continues. So grab a project and get started. True to the motto: «Fail fast, fail often». Start, try, and if you don't succeed, learn from the mistakes and move on. A digital business process is not perfect, but it can become one. Step by step.

The train of digital transformation started rolling some time ago. Find out where a digital transformation makes sense in your company and jump on it. We'll help you.

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Product configurators enable new business models

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