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UX and UI Design for Digital Solutions that Inspire

Agency for Design and User Experience

User Experience and Design for People

The design of a digital solution should be cognitively and emotionally appealing to the user. A good user experience (UX) ensures that a user can intuitively navigate through an app or website and access the desired information.

The user interface (UI) is what the customer sees first and according to which he evaluates the digital product. According to your specifications and with our creativity, we create attractive UI designs. During several iterations and with the help of prototypes, we respond to the users and create websites and apps that people like.

«People ignore design that ignores people.»

Frank Chimero, Designer

User Centered Design - The focus is on people

Right from the start, we focus on future users and put ourselves in the user's perspective. With this user-centered design approach, the structure, content and design correspond to the expectations and needs of the end users. Our UX design department combines design elements, psychology, research techniques and business process requirements to provide the best possible user experience. Therefore, knowledge about the needs, thinking and behavioral patterns of the end users play a central role.

UI Design and UX Concept
We start this process with a research phase, which evaluates the requirements of the customer as well as those of the (future) users. To do this, we work with methods such as the value proposition canvas, personas, user-centered design, competitor analysis or user story mapping. The customer and ideally also the end users of a solution are included in this process. Based on the results of workshops, interviews, and testing, a UX and UI design concept is created, which combines a holistic, intuitive user experience (UX) with an attractive user interface (UI) for your digital solution.
Design Prototypes
The goal of a prototype is to test and validate ideas before they are shared with stakeholders and the final designs are passed to the technical teams for the development process. Prototypes are essential to identify and fix user pain points together with the participants as part of usability tests. Testing prototypes with end users allows UX teams to visualize and optimize the user experience during the design process. Development resources are expensive and changes to an end product often involve additional effort and costs. Therefore, finding and fixing bugs during the design process is of great importance.
User Testing
As UX and design specialists, we have experience in interface design, but in the end we can only guess what the user really wants. In order not to lose sight of these needs, we proceed iteratively and test each step on real people. Depending on the use case, qualitative interviews, tests with UI prototypes or quantitative surveys make more sense. We advise and support you in implementing the user tests.


What Should Be Considered in the UX Concept and Interface Design?

Structure and Stability

The design and the entire user experience should be optimized for functionality and comprehensibility. With clearly structured content, the user is guided reliably and intuitively.

Trust and Credibility

A good user experience also improves credibility and strengthens trust in a company. Well-known design elements that the user knows, has learned and uses regularly give him confidence.


The better the digital solution with its UX covers the wishes and needs of the users, the more likely it is that visitors will stay on a website longer and the bounce rate will be reduced at the same time.

Enthusiasm and Loyalty

The user interface design transports image, identity, aesthetics and emotions. This triggers enthusiasm among users and thus strengthens loyalty.

Five Aspects that Influence the User Experience

Five Aspects that Influence the User Experience

Offer your users a positive experience Do I like what I see? Am I having fun using it? Can I build trust? Are my expectations met? These are all aspects that more or less consciously contribute to the user experience and influence how well a product works for users and whether they would and want to interact with it again.

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