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Agency for Software Development

We develop individual software, as diverse as our customers

We are an experienced team of developers and designers specializing in developing individual software solutions for companies and organizations. We strive to provide you with the best possible quality and efficiency to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Read on to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you improve your business processes and increase your competitiveness.

Technical Analysis & Solution Design
We advise you on the technical implementation of your business case. With the support of our experts, we systematically analyze your existing systems, applications or solution ideas together. We show you transparently which technology and software architecture offers the best options for your business in the long term, without causing high implementation and maintenance costs or restricting you. An optimal solution design can range from the use of standard solutions to custom software made for you.
Technical prototypes, PoC (Proof of Concept) & MVP
In order to be able to start a digital project as leanly and without risk as possible, a feasibility study or a prototype should be developed first. With, for example, an MVP (minimum viable product) or a clickable design prototype, the new business case can be tested on the customer without major investment and risk. We will then help you to develop a successful digital product from the knowledge gained.
Agile software development & system integration
Our software specialists use the latest technologies and agile methods to program your ideas into reality and integrate them into your existing system landscape in the best possible way. We also rely on Swiss quality standards at our nearshoring locations.
QA & testing
In the development phase, our digital software solutions are constantly tested to avoid errors, reduce development costs and improve performance. Automated testing provides the basis for agile software development with CI/CD. With a mix of unit, integration and E2E tests, we guarantee high test coverage. What ever.
DevOps & CI/CD
In our opinion, the development and operation of a software solution should not be separated. We work with our partners in mixed teams in an integrated and interdisciplinary approach (DevOps) in order to continuously deliver (CD = Continuous Delivery) and integrate (CI = Continuous Integration) the software during operation. A proven approach that delivers faster, more reliable results with less downtime.
Maintenance, monitoring and support
Even after the project has been completed, we are at your disposal. Depending on the service level agreement or your requirements, a first-level support is available and analyzes your request. As a team, we ensure that your software is up-to-date and available at all times.


Developing software according to Swiss standards quickly and cost-effectively?

Sitewerk offers the entire value chain from conception and design to implementation and maintenance of your software solution from Switzerland. Depending on the customer's wishes, budget or resource requirements, there is the possibility of calling in our specialists from our nearshoring locations. Despite lower costs, Sitewerk guarantees Swiss quality standards.

Our Tried and Tested Process for the Conception and Implementation of Your Individual Software


At the beginning of a project, the requirements must be evaluated. There are methods such as the Value Proposition Canvas or User Story Mapping.

UX prototype

Sketchy wireframes are drawn and a (clickable) prototype is created from them, with which the first user tests can already be carried out.

UI Design

Now it's time to work out the details of the user interface (UI). The basis for this is provided by the UX prototype, from which the design is then created.


Based on the requirements but also the design, the technology with which the software solution is to be implemented is selected.

Programming and testing

Once the requirements have been defined and the design created, programming begins. It is constantly being tested on different devices and browsers.

Commissioning and maintenance

Even after the new software has been successfully commissioned, it must be regularly maintained and, if necessary, further developed. Support and maintenance is regulated within an SLA.

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