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Kuratle Group AG


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Immerse yourself in the Kuratle ecosystem with the 3D Web Experience and explore the offering

Our customer - Kuratle Group AG - unites several companies under one roof with its core competence for complete wood solutions. In the areas of trade, production and logistics, the company focuses on its customers and fulfills individual needs - competently, reliably and sustainably.

In order to make all available services and information of the Kuratle Group ecosystem more accessible to external and internal stakeholders, these are to be presented transparently in a clickable and explorable 3D web application. In the Kuratle 3D Web Experience, the entire offering is presented in a visually clear and appealing way and becomes a digital experience for users. The interactions in the application are supported with dynamic effects and animations. This makes the experience even more impressive for users and encourages them to stay longer. However, it is important not to overwhelm users with animations and effects. For this reason, they were deliberately implemented as discreet and unagitated.


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