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We Design and Develop Outstanding Websites and Digital Experiences

Websites that inspire your users

Design and customer experience are our focus

We analyze the customer journey of your target group and develop an appealing user interface based on the user party. The design of a website contributes significantly to the user experience. As a design and user-oriented web agency, we turn your website into a digital experience.

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Headless CMS
Today, content is in demand in a wide variety of places and on a wide variety of devices (website, mobile app, smartwatch, etc.). Flexibility is a must. This is where the headless CMS comes into play. With the headless CMS approach, the CMS (backend) and user interface (frontend) are decoupled from one another. With the headless approach, the CMS solely takes care of the content and its structure. The front end is then exclusively responsible for the display. It doesn't matter whether it's a mobile app, a social media channel or a newsletter from a traditional website. With the headless CMS, the front end is optimized for the respective device and channel, which guarantees perfect digital experiences and makes it easy for the content manager to manage all the content.
Corporate Site
The corporate website is often the first point of contact for customers, partners or potential employees who want to find out more about a company. As a web agency, we support start-up's, SME's and corporations in achieving the desired effect with a suitable website. We create your individual website to match your corporate identity (CI) and corporate design (CD).
Drupal CMS
Drupal is an open source tool platform for developing web-based applications such as websites, apps, web portals, intranets or online shops. Based on PHP and the Symfony Framework, Drupal CMS supports important databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Since 2001, Drupal has been one of the best content management systems thanks to the highest level of user-friendliness and functionality. With Sitewerk as an experienced agency and reliable partner, you will develop customized Drupal websites.
Microsites and Landing Pages
Our web agency creates lean websites, so-called microsites or landing pages, which companies use for marketing purposes, such as announcing new services, selling products or generating leads. As a full-service web agency, we support you with the conversion-optimized design and programming of the website.
E-commerce and Online Shops
A suitable e-commerce solution makes a significant contribution to success in online trading. As an e-commerce agency, we implement individual solutions from individual online shops to scalable e-commerce platforms. Do you offer customized products and services? We can design and develop a configurator for you in your online shop or on your website, with which your customers can configure their desired product themselves in the future.


We Accompany You from the Initial Idea to the Implementation and Maintenance of the Solution with Our Services

Digital Consulting and Strategy
We are specialists in individual digital solutions. We support you in the conception of a digitalization strategy, in the analysis of processes, in the collection of requirements through to IT project management during the implementation of the software project. We are a long-term partner for start-ups, but also for established companies.
UX and UI Design
It is crucial to know your target group and their needs very well before designing the user interface of your application. With the help of design thinking and human-centered design methods, we evaluate what your customers want and use this to develop UX and UI design concepts. With design drafts and UI prototypes, you can test your idea on the market in a targeted and cost-effective manner. Together we create solutions that your customers love.
Software Development
We are passionate software developers. We develop interactive frontend and scalable backend solutions, program interfaces to software applications such as CRM, PIM and ERP and take care of the maintenance and support of your software. With the help of technical prototypes, Proof of Concepts (PoC) or Minimal Viable Products (MVP), concepts can be tested cost-effectively before we implement them together in an agile software project.


Reasons why Sitewerk Is the Ideal Provider for Your New Website

With us, every website is unique

Our web designs are unique. Our web agency does not work with templates and templates. All web designs are custom designed and programmed.

A Web Agency for the Whole Package

We accompany you throughout the entire process - from analysis and conception, to design and programming, to hosting and performance assessment.

Our Software is Expandable

We program your website in a modular and expandable manner based on the latest technologies. With our well-thought-out architecture and open interfaces, you can change and expand the website as you wish.

Technical SEO

A website must not only be understood by the user, but also by the search engine. We help you to implement all technical SEO requirements.

MVP's (minimum viable product), Click Dummies and Mobile App Prototypes

At the beginning of an app is the idea. Before you develop a comprehensive mobile app with a large investment, you should check the potentiality that customers will respond to your idea or have a need for a mobile app at all. This can be done using MVP (Minimum Viable Product - minimal product that only maps the core functions), app prototypes or even just with the help of a click dummy, with which you can test the app idea with the users and get valuable feedback without risk and large investments.

Frameworks and CMS for Websites and Landing Pages

Frequently Asked Questions About Websites - FAQs

How much does a website cost?

The prices are individual and depend on your specific application, the number of pages and web elements, the integration with peripheral systems such as web shops, payment systems, etc., as well as the approximate time frame and budget. All of our solutions are modular and expandable.

How long does it take to implement a website?

Similar to pricing, the time to market depends on the scope and size of the visualization to be created. It is therefore advisable to start with a minimal viable product (MVP) with a minimal set of functions in order to test the solution on the market quickly and iteratively. Continue reading

Can a website be integrated into my current technical system/system landscape?

In any case. We optimally adapt the software architecture to your circumstances and integrate the solution into your existing systems. Be it from the app, to the web shop, to ERP, PIM, CRM and more.

Who owns the software, my assets and content?

You, 100%, all the time. The individual software becomes your property after completion. If required, we offer operation and maintenance services.

Let's Realize a New Project Together