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Web agency for the open source CMS Drupal

Individual websites that stand out from the crowd

Do you have a thousand ideas for digital web projects, but don't know where and how to most easily implement, orchestrate and publish your content? We have the answer: Drupal!

Drupal is an open source tool platform for developing web-based applications such as websites, apps, web portals, intranets or online shops. Based on PHP and the Symfony Framework, the Drupal CMS supports important databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. Since 2001, Drupal has been one of the best content management systems thanks to the highest level of user-friendliness and functionality. With Sitewerk as an experienced agency and reliable partner, you will develop customized Drupal websites.

As a Swiss Drupal agency, Sitewerk supports small and large companies in developing unique websites. Our priorities are quality, reliability and a collaboration that treats every customer request with respect.

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Corporate Site
We create professional corporate websites with an individual touch. Drupal is one of the leading CMS for modular, expandable and scalable corporate websites. Globally known companies like UniversalMusic, Tesla, Forbes, Sony BMG, The Economist and MTV UK rely on Drupal.
Drupal for E-commerce
The Drupal Commerce Module offers a practical extension for online shops and e-commerce applications. A simple interface and flexible structures offer a modular structure, many individual settings and maximum user-friendliness for your e-commerce project.
Drupal is ideal for a powerful intranet. The CMS enables fast, transparent team communication and offers numerous extensions for an efficient exchange of information. With a flexible, powerful intranet, Drupal strengthens the sense of community on any team.
Customer Portal
With Drupal you create your individual customer portal, which gives your customers access to products and services. Customers can log in via a login-protected area and thus gain access to, for example, their orders, delivery times, individual prices or other information.
Headless CMS
Create content once and display it optimally on all end devices? No problem with Drupal as Headless CMS. Since the frontend and backend are decoupled, content is entered into the backend once and web content is optimally displayed on a wide variety of devices.


The Benefits of Drupal

Drupal is Open Source

Drupal is an open source CMS and is already available in its ninth version (Drupal 9).
There are therefore no license costs for you.

Expandability and Modularity

Thanks to Drupal's modularity and easy expandability (over 40,000 publicly available modules), we program your individual and scalable website as desired.

Drupal is SEO-friendly

We program your website according to the current standards for perfect search engine optimization. We make your company visible on all search engines.

Very good performance

Whether it's a small landing page or a highly frequented company website - powerful websites with excellent performance and super-fast loading times can be developed with Drupal.


Drupal is secure. The Drupal community of thousands of developers works actively and continuously on the security of the CMS. Possible security gaps are found quickly and closed reliably.

High user-friendliness

We ensure the highest level of user-friendliness and an impressive user experience. Content blocks and modules can be adapted and expanded independently. All content is displayed responsively and appropriately on all device types.

Multiple languages and countries

Drupal is multilingual. Content can be easily translated and prepared for specific countries. Nothing stands in the way of your international website project.


In order to be able to offer users an extraordinary customer journey, content can be personalized on Drupal. This allows customer journeys of different personas to be realized on the same website.

In Six Steps to Your Drupal Website


At the beginning of your Drupal project there is an inventory analysis. As your Drupal agency, we get an overview of the current situation, your ideas and your goals. With the help of workshops, we determine together the requirements for your web project.

SEO Strategy

In order for you to be visible on the web, a sustainable SEO strategy is an important part of every web project. We ensure SEO-optimized data and information structures that are easy to interpret for Google and other search engines and that reach the desired audience.

User Experience (Wireframes)

User-friendliness is very important to us. We develop websites for you that guarantee an optimal and pleasant user experience with a personal touch.

Web Design (UI Design)

The web presence is your face in the digital world. Our Swiss Drupal agency team will help you to develop individual designs and modern user interfaces that will inspire customers and stakeholders at first sight.

Programming your Drupal 9 website

Whether website, web application, online shop or blog - with Drupal there are no limits to your ideas and wishes. We take over the programming of unique, customer-specific websites for you. There are no limits to your creativity.

Homepage Hosting and Support

From setting up e-mail accounts to SSL security certificates and personal advice – we are your reliable partner for all questions, even after the project has been completed.

Extensions & Integrations

Connection to the CRM

We connect your Drupal 9 website or your online shop with a new or existing CRM system so that customer relationships can be maintained systematically and successfully.

Interface with the ERP

We link your online shop to your ERP system and thus ensure automatic data exchange in real time. In this way, you can serve your customers even more efficiently in the future.

Marketing Automation Software Integration

We connect marketing automation tools from the Drupal website to purchasing and sales to logistics to your company and your systems.

Individual Email Marketing Solution

We connect your newsletter software to the Drupal website or the shop system and thus create an individual e-mail marketing solution for your company.

Scalable cloud hosting for Drupal

With almost unlimited expandable core functions, Drupal is particularly suitable for websites that want to manage a lot of content and visitor numbers. Highly frequented, large websites, however, increase the demands on the hosting infrastructure. We host your Drupal instance on a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure. The data is GDPR compliant and hosted on servers operated within the EU.

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