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Drupal Website for Glutz




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With Open Source CMS Drupal for a Fresh Website

The company Glutz from Solothurn stands for the best security and comfort solutions for access to buildings and objects. As a Drupal agency, we were allowed to develop the website from scratch. The new website gives Glutz AG more visibility and provides the basis for all future online marketing campaigns. Sitewerk was able to support Glutz in the conception, implementation and relaunch of the new website.

Home page of the Glutz

Initial Position

That of Glutz was definitely getting on in years and did not reflect the image that the successful company wanted to show of itself. The website was also not responsive and therefore hardly usable on smartphones. Glutz has big plans for their marketing and needs a solid, modern website that can form the basis of all future activities. The Sitewerk team said: "Challenge accepted!"


Personas and Value Propositions

"Everything is for the customer." Based on this saying, personas were developed within a workshop with the help of a user-centred approach, which are intended to represent the various target groups of Glutz. For this persona, the customer requirements for the new Glutz website were then evaluated with the help of the Value Proposition Canvas .

At the same time, technical and non-functional requirements, such as the interface to the PIM or the requirements for performance and data protection, were defined with the help of the customer's various stakeholders.

The result of this concept phase was a comprehensive specification, as well as a detailed and prioritized catalog of requirements.

A New Drupal Website for Glutz

Based on the requirements from the concept phase, a CMS was evaluated, which represents a solid foundation but can be scaled and expanded in future projects.

Approaches with modern headless cloud CMS were compared, as well as the way with more traditional enterprise CMS systems such as Sitecore or Episerver. In the end, however, the open source CMS Drupal clearly won the race. No other CMS could compete with Drupal in terms of investment, expandability, flexibility and user experience.

The Implementation

Although the thrust of the requirements catalog was relatively clear, the decision was made to adopt an agile approach. The aim was to bring the first solid version of the Glutz website online in spring, which can be continuously expanded from then on.

With a project management, requirements and design department here in Switzerland and a development team of three people in Minsk, the MVP of the website was implemented and successfully released within twelve sprints.

Mobile View of the Glutz Website

Download Center with DAM connection

The new Glutz website offers users a download center in which helpful information such as customer documents, technical documentation, certificates, software and general terms and conditions are made available. The media and files are provided via an interface from Glutz's DAM (Digital Asset Management) and synchronized on an hourly basis. A DAM enables the structured management and needs-based provision of digital content from media assets such as images, videos, PDF files and more.

Online product catalog with PIM integration

One of the main features of the new Glutz website is the extremely comprehensive product catalog. With the help of categories, filters and a practical search function, more than 50,000 products can be searched and compared. The enormous amount of data on all products and their properties is managed by the Glutz team in a central PIM system (Product Information Management System). The product data is sent to the website via an API connection and automatically displayed on the website as category or product detail pages. This hourly synchronized integration guarantees that the data only needs to be maintained in one place and that the same properties and products are displayed everywhere.

Product Catalog with PIM Interface


  • Drupal CMS
  • E-Commerce Module
  • Specific content for specific countries
  • Event booking
  • Multilingualism
  • PIM interfaces
  • Marketing Automation Interface (MailChimp)
Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS

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