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Website with Request Configurator for Jura Holzbau


Jura Holzbau


Sanity Headless CMS with GraphQL

React SPA

Gatsby's Static Site Generator


User Experience and Design


Offer Configurator

Corporate Website with Gatsbyjs (SSG) and Headless CMS

Together with our partner seerow from Solothurn, we gave the somewhat outdated website of Jura Holzbau a new look. The modern but simple design perfectly embodies Jura Holzbau's core values of quality, tradition and innovation.


Static Website with Gatsbyjs and Sanity CMS

Sitewerk was able to accompany the ambitious startup Jura Holzbau in the implementation of their new company website. Because of the fast loading times and the user experience, a very progressive web stack with Headless CMS (GraphQL) and React SPA was used as the front end. To make things go even faster, each website is pre-rendered on the server using GatsbyJs Static Site Generator. Features such as a request configurator or lazy loading for images make the website an experience!

Request Configurator

With the help of a rudimentary inquiry configurator, potential customers can answer questions about their interests and concerns within a few steps. This means that leads can be pre-qualified and Jura Holzbau can respond more specifically to incoming inquiries.

Quotation configurator Jura Holzbau
Selling Trade Services Online - Advantages and Examples

Selling Trade Services Online - Advantages and Examples

There are currently few and mostly large trade businesses in Switzerland that offer their services online. But SME's can also benefit. Companies use configurators to reduce their consulting efforts without the customer suffering as a result. On the contrary: Customers receive the information that is crucial for them in the first phase in less time.

Digital craftsmen

Digital craftsmen

Digitalization is taking its course. Used correctly, it increases efficiency and productivity in many companies. However, it does not have the same status in all sectors and professions. Although digital change can bring a decisive advantage in competition, especially in the trades sector, the possibilities are comparatively little exploited.


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