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Selling Crafts Online - Advantages and Examples

Online configurators in the digital sales process

There are currently few and mostly large handicraft businesses in Switzerland that offer their services online. But SMEs can also benefit. Companies use configurators to reduce their consulting efforts without the customer suffering as a result. On the contrary: Customers receive the information that is crucial for them in the first phase in less time.

High consulting expenses and lack of commitments - what to do ?

Who does not know it? When we buy a product or request a service, we do our research first. More and more on the internet. We get an overview and weigh up options. How much does it cost to renovate my roof? What does a renovation include? Can I even afford that?

Anyone who cannot find the information online seeks personal advice. This is often the case in the craft industry. At the first consultation, however, many customers are not yet ready to buy. Craft businesses therefore have to contend with high consulting costs. Complex offers are made and the desired commitments are not forthcoming.

In order to make this first information phase more efficient, craft businesses can use a configurator on their website. This supports the end customer in order to quickly obtain the information relevant to him and an approximate guide price.

Optimized sales process thanks to the digital offer calculator

A configurator offers support that pays off for both the customer and the company. The customer deals with a product or service in a playful way and without time or cost pressure, without high consulting costs being incurred for the operation. The customer receives a target price within minutes. In a first step, this is often sufficient to decide whether the matter should be pursued further. If the person is still interested, the craftsman takes over as an expert and provides a detailed offer. An efficient sales pitch follows. Both sides benefit from much more targeted advice.

An opportunity for differentiation and new customer acquisition

Configurators represent a differentiating feature, especially in the trades sector. In many companies, the topic of digitization in sales does not yet receive the necessary attention. But online trading offers a lot of potential for savings: on the one hand through more efficient processes and on the other hand reduced consulting effort. In addition, regional craftsmen are expanding their area, winning new customers and increasing sales.

Configurators grant access to online trading

Certain services could not even be sold online without a configuration system. This is particularly the case for services provided by craft businesses. The services offered are situation-specific and tailored to the customer. There are no standard prices. A configurator enables a customer to put together an individual offer themselves online, which would otherwise not be possible.

practical examples

Configurators are mainly known from the automotive industry. Everyone assembles their own car with the desired equipment online. There is also a real boom in the furniture industry at the moment. More and more furniture retailers are offering furniture configurators. However, such systems can also be used profitably in other areas.

Here a few Examples

Solar calculator

Solar calculator

There is no standard for solar systems. Each solar system is specifically and individually tailored to the customer's situation. With a configurator, a user puts together a solar system that is tailored to his residential building and his electricity requirements. The configurator provides the necessary support.

Online calculator for security systems

Online calculator for security systems

Configurators can also be used in the area of security. An individual offer with the desired services is created in a short time using an online calculator.


The developments in online trading and the trend towards individualization point to a growing need for configurators in the future. They ensure access to online trading, support the customer in the decision-making process and relieve sales consultants. They form part of the digital sales process. So why not take the chance and benefit from it?

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

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