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Product Configurators for Digital Commerce

Configurators for Digital Sales Processes

With 2D and 3D product configurators and offer calculators for more online leads

Digitalization and automation of sales and production processes are increasingly being demanded by the market. With product configurators, you make it easier for your customers and your sales department to prepare time-consuming offers for complex and varied products. By storing rule logic, price and discount structures, incorrect configurations are avoided and the time required and complexity for your sales consultants is reduced. The software solutions individually designed and developed by us for you are suitable as a tool for sales support and the preparation of offers for the sales staff, the business partner or the end customer himself.

These solutions are seamlessly embedded in your existing websites, portal solutions and online shops with an integrated check-out option, which has a positive effect on the user experience.

Sitewerk CPQ
With the Sitewerk CPQ-Framework you have all the advantages of a production ready product, but keep the flexibility of a framework or that of a custom configurator solution. Standard functions such as user management with roles and rights, as well as master data management or the generation of offers, leads and product logics are included in the CPQ framework.
2D & 3D Product Configurators
A configurator offers the possibility to individually configure your complex or consultation-intensive products or services step-by-step conveniently and error-free from a large number of components. In this way you simplify your product complexity, reduce the consulting and administration work and can inspire your customers with photorealistic visualization of the product in 2D or 3D, and for even more emotions in augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). You will also receive important information on customer preferences and trend developments.
Offer Configurators and Offer Calculator
With digitalized offer and sales processes, you can offer customers around-the-clock service and at the same time relieve your sales department. With the help of step-by-step e-commerce assistants, the sometimes very varied configuration of an offer can be carried out by the customer himself (co-design). Connect your CRM and/or ERP directly to the configurator and speed up the ordering and production process for highly customized products and services.
Guided Selling Software
In the digital sales process, too, the customer expects competent consultation with the specialist. With our intelligent Guided Selling solutions, customer requirements are queried, compared with offers and specific product variants are suggested and offered for sale.


Artanova Horst 3D Sofa Configurator
Kuralte Jaecker Terrace Configurator
Hess Bellach


Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Have you already thought about using configurators? But don't know how to start... Then download our free guide and learn important key questions from practice.

Cabinet Configurator

Example - 3D Furniture Configurator

Whether at home on the sofa or with the customer consultant in the exhibition. Configuring a new cabinet should be an experience! With the Sitewerk furniture configurator, a wardrobe can be planned in real time with photorealistic 3D visualization in the web browser. Once the product has been purchased, the order is sent directly to the ERP, where the order is processed.

The Added Value of Product Configurators

Simplify the sales process for customers or customer consultants

Complex products/services can be sold more easily and directly at the point of sale with the help of a rule-based configurator. The customer or customer consultant is guided step by step through your offer landscape and can thus put together a highly individualized product.

More sales with lower sales costs at the same time

Your offer is available around the clock - this can mean, for example, up to 400%* increase in sales. At the same time, by shifting the compilation of offers to the customer, your sales department is relieved and your costs can be reduced by 50%*.

Seamless Offer and Order Processes

With the option of connecting the configurator or quote calculator to your existing CRM and ERP systems, you accompany your customers from the lead through the quote to the order - your internal processes become seamless and completely digital.

Mass customization

Highly individual products (batch size 1) but still automated processes and costs as in mass production. You define the products, services and combination rules based on your existing range of products and services. If desired, this can be constantly adapted or expanded in the background. The customer or customer advisor can then use this to put together an individual offer.

More valuable leads and more detailed customer data

With their configurations, your customers show you what they want and how they want it or where they dropped out of the offer process. We can disclose this valuable customer data for you. Generate even more leads and address them more specifically, reduce the scattering effect of your marketing measures.

Customer Loyalty through Enthusiasm

Fascinate your customers and offer them a new customer experience through impressive 2D and 3D visualization. Bring your product to the future customer destination in a virtual (VR) or even augmented (AR) reality.

Configurator Heat Pump

IKEA - Get a quote for your new heating system in five minutes

IKEA relies on digital sales channels and new customer experiences. Thanks to the quote calculator for heat pumps, this is also possible for complex products. Potential customers can receive an offer for a new heating system within a few minutes via smartphone or browser without any prior knowledge.

Reasons Why Sitewerk Is the Best Provider for Configurator Software

Configurator Framework

Sitewerk has developed a modular configurator framework. The framework offers features such as a product rule engine, master data management (parts lists), PDF offers, user and lead management or a user portal. Because this covers a large part of the basic requirements, we can focus on the essentials with your configurator.

Individual Solutions

Sitewerk's product configurators and quote calculators are always individually tailored to your company and your needs. By including the personal requirements of your customers, we define a digital sales process with a sustainable and outstanding user experience. We create our solutions in a design that appeals to your target group.

All from a Single Source

With us you get a complete, executable, digital solution. We advise you during the first steps and the definition of a possible project, work out the requirements that the configurator must meet with you and your customers, implement the first design prototypes, which are immediately tested at the end customer and implement your configurator solution. Oh yes, where it makes sense, we work agile and iterative.

Interface Integration

We develop interfaces to your existing software system so that the new product configurator is optimally integrated into your system landscape. Everything is possible, from integration into your peripheral system, through to data exchange with the ERP and CRM to an interface to CAD or the production software.

Web, Desktop and Mobile

We develop all configurators with the latest web technologies, whether as a mobile app for the smartphone, as a web application for the browser or as a desktop app. We make sure adaptive solutions for all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows) are used to ensure optimal display and usability on all end devices. This offers sustainable success and saves time and money.

3D Car Configurator Software

3D Car Configurator Showcase

Together with our partner ShapeDiver, our team conceived, designed and implemented the latest showcase, namely an impressive Lamborghini 3D configurator. The configurator is based on a parametric 3D model (Grasshopper, Rhino, ShapeDiver Cloud Technology)

Parametric 3D Visualization (rendering)
The simplest example of a parametric 3D model is a table whose length can be chosen arbitrarily from a minimum to a maximum value. Depending on which length was selected, the parametric 3D model is created and displayed with the corresponding length. Of course, a parametric 3D model of a table can be defined using many more parameters than just the length. Complex models with countless interdependent parameters can be implemented.
Static 3D visualization (rendering)
In contrast to a parametric visualization, in the normal 3D visualization the 3D model is implemented with the help of one or an interaction of several static 3D models. For example, if you have another table whose length can be chosen, a static 3D model must be available for each length in the non-parametric model. Although this form of visualization is very easy to implement, it is not suitable for products with parameters whose values can be set continuously. The visualization of the materials is again freely definable. Surfaces and materials can be visualized photo-realistically via stored texture images.
3D Visualization (rendering) in VR and AR Environments
In order to make the configured product even easier to experience, it can easily be placed in the user's home. This is done using Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, which are now very mature and can be run on all devices. Via Web-AR, a configured product can be placed directly in the real environment using the browser (without installing an app).
2D Visualization (rendering)
2D visualization is a two-dimensional image of a product, mostly from above (top view). A 2D visualization is suitable for configurators where, for example, rooms, floor plans or other simple shapes have to be configured or mapped.
Visualization with Photos and Illustrations
In a visualization with photos and illustrations, the configured product is represented by combining stored image files. This simple form of visualization is used, for example, by t-shirt designers and other rudimentary product configurators.


Frequently Asked Questions in Configurator Projects - FAQ

For which target group is the configurator best suited?

Every! No matter whether in the B2B or B2C area, whether directly by the end customer or the sales consultant or a cross/multi-channel application. We develop your configurator exactly to the needs of the respective end user in order to achieve optimal user-friendliness with the lowest possible complexity.

Is a configurator industry-specific?

Definitely no! A configurator can be used in all industries. The degree of visualization varies depending on the range of services and products. A rule-based portfolio logic and a user-friendly wizard (assistant) is possible everywhere.

How much does a configurator cost?

The prices are individual and depend on your specific use case, the number of products to be configured, the type of visualization and the approximate time frame and budget. All of our solutions are modular and expandable.

How long does it take to implement a configurator?

Similar to pricing, the time to market depends on the scope and size of the visualization to be created. It is therefore advisable to start with a minimal viable product (MVP) with a minimal set of functions in order to test the solution on the market quickly and iteratively. Continue reading

Can a configurator be integrated into my current technical system/system landscape?

In any case. We optimally adapt the software architecture to your circumstances and integrate the solution into your existing systems. Be it from the app, website and web shop to ERP, PIM, CRM and more.

Who owns the software, my assets and content?

You, 100%, all the time. The individual software becomes your property after completion. If required, we offer operation and maintenance services. Continue reading

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