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3D Configurator for Commercial Vehicle Bodies


Carrosserie Hess


.Net 6.0, C#

React, TypeScript

ShapeDiver, Grasshopper 3D


User Experience and Design

3D Configurator

Agile Project Management

Configure an Individual 3D Model Online

Select a vehicle and configure your individual box body in 3D online in two minutes. At the same time, the configurator calculates the price and the available payload of the customer's vehicle. Cool? Yes, we think so too and have developed this parametric 3D configurator for Hess in Bellach.


Initial Position

In order to keep the payload of commercial vehicles as high as possible, the company Carrosserie HESS from Bellach has developed box bodies that are light and can be built to measure for all common vehicle types. Of course, there are many different options for box bodies. The perfect starting position, therefore, to provide the customers of Carrosserie HESS with an online configurator.

In a very short time, a user can configure a desired box body for the corresponding vehicle online and even order the accessories for securing the loads. As an additional service, Hess also offers to check the vehicle on the MFK, if you wish. This service can also be selected directly in the configurator. In the background, the system quietly calculates the curb weight, the superstructure weight and the available payload as well as the price of the whole magic and spits out all the information. At the push of a button, you will receive a clear offer by e-mail in seconds.

Of course, the user can view the vehicle as a 3D model and see how the model changes when something is selected or changed. The vehicle with the body can be rotated and turned dynamically in every step in order to really be able to examine it from every side.

After a completed configuration, both Hess and the user receive a notification and can retrieve the configuration status at any time using an identification number.

The brand-new configurator is a great tool for Hess salespeople to visualize the box body, including all the options, for their customers.

3D Configurator for Commercial Vehicle Superstructures


After the project scope was clarified, the design phase started immediately. The configurator should be as simple as possible and the user interface should be intuitive to use. A proposal was developed, which was gradually optimized. The entire configurator was conceived, designed, implemented and put into operation within a few months.

«Our products stand out thanks to the innovative power of HESS. Sitewerk lives a similar spirit and forward momentum as we do and provided us with the Body Configurator an absolute high-end product of the highest quality.»

Alex Naef, CEO

3D Configurator for Commercial Vehicle Bodies

«Collecting customer data, evaluating it, reusing it with added value for the customer in a targeted and sustainable manner - thanks to the configurator developed by Sitewerk, this is no longer wishful thinking, but reality for us.»

Michel Birchmeier, Project Manager Marketing and Communication

ShapeDiver's proven 3D viewer was also used in this project. The viewer is embedded directly into the React application. The backend is based on the popular software framework .net 6.0 together with an entity framework core.

Deployment Infrastructure

  • Docker Container for Local
  • Azure App Service for Backend
  • Azure DevOps for Backend Deployments
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL Server
  • Vercel for Frontend Deployments


  • 3D Product Configurator
  • Parametric 3D Model with ShapeDiver
  • Individual Box Body for Commercial Vehicle
  • Price Calculation
  • Display of the Available Payload
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Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

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Digitalization - is everything getting easier and better now?

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