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We build on progressive technology stacks

We love progress and are always up to date

In order to be able to program good software, you need modern technologies. The world of software development is progressing rapidly. Our specialists are constantly undergoing further training and stay up to date. We are experts in progressive technologies and modern software.

Web & Mobile Development

The future of web development is here! For our interactive web and mobile apps, we rely on progressive frontend stacks. A good user experience and an appealing design is a must. Depending on the use case, our apps are delivered as dynamic single-page applications or as high-performance websites with SSR/SSG.

Backend & Databases

Based on modern technologies and frameworks, we develop individual software from the cloud that rocks. Depending on the application, lean cloud functions or extensive backend services with interfaces (APIs) and modular, expandable architectures are implemented.

3D development

We rely on various 3D technology stacks for our product configurators or for interactive web and mobile apps.

Cloud hosting

Good code is important, but not everything. An up-to-date, secure and future-scalable hosting infrastructure is at least as important. For this reason we rely on cloud hosting. We have experience with the following cloud stack:

CMS & Frameworks

In a preliminary project or in the concept phase, we evaluate which content management system (CMS) or which online shop solution makes the most sense for your project. We have more than five years of experience with a wide variety of content management systems. Whether headless or conventional, whether open source or by subscription, together with you we define the optimal setup for your web project.

ERP & CRM Integrations

When implementing new software solutions, seamless integration of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and/or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is critical. We ensure that these integrations not only run smoothly, but also lead your company onto a future-oriented growth track.

DAM & PIM Integrations

Our goal is to ensure that your existing PIM and DAM systems are seamlessly integrated into the new software landscape so that your company can benefit from efficient data management and a smooth workflow.

Integration of E-Commerce Solutions

Our objective is to ensure that your e-commerce solution is not only technically sound, but also increases your sales and improves customer satisfaction. We develop a thoughtful and efficient integration of your e-commerce solution for you to take your online business to the next level.

Marketing Automation

We help you connect your marketing automation platform to the new software to ensure your business can benefit from automated, targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

With the right Identity and Access Management (IAM), we ensure that your users have easy and secure access to all the applications they need. Centralized Identity Management (IAM) enables organizations to manage all user identities, permissions, and access data in a centralized database, increasing efficiency while improving security and compliance.

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