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3D Facade Configurator with CO2 Balance Calculator


Arcora - Ingérop Group, France

Facade Construction / Architecture

Engineering Service Provider


Parametric 3D Viewer

Headless CMS

React Single Page Application


2D and 3D Product Configurators

UX and UI Design

Headless CMS

With a product configurator for more sustainability in construction

Making a contribution to more sustainability in construction has become a major concern of the Arcora company (part of Ingérop) from France. With ecale, they want to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment and encourage a change in construction as early as possible in the design process. With the 3D facade configurator from Sitewerk, your business partners can independently configure facade elements and determine the exact CO2 consumption of their production.


Initial Position

Arcora approached us with the desire to convert their guideline for low-carbon facade design into a digital solution. The goal should be a 3D configurator that shows the CO2 consumption caused by the production of the different facade elements. The focus was also on the desire for an attractive visualization in 3D. The configurator solution is used in particular by architects and engineers .

The Implementation

In order to be able to meet the tight deadline of 3 months, we got to work straight away and formed a self-organizing, interdisciplinary and international team of experienced full-stack developers and UX/UI designers . The agile approach was also used for this project. As soon as the most important key points were clearly defined, we worked in 14-day sprints and the further detailed requirements were refined, prioritized and implemented by our development team.

User Interface

The user interface design focused on intuitive operation and a fresh look and feel . Thanks to various features, a convincing user experience is created. Users can intuitively configure their desired facade element. The desired designs, size, materials, manufacturer and options for the facade element are selected and the delivery distance and the degree of assembly are defined. The 3D visualization supports and guides users in the calculation process.

The effective CO2 consumption of glass is constantly recalculated and visualized depending on the configuration . The 3D visualization supports the user in creating the appropriate configuration. The data of the finally configured facade can be exported as a PDF if desired.

ecale 3d configuratore and co2 calculator

«Sitewerk's work on our project was very satisfying! Sitewerk's project team supported us in the areas of UX/UI, website architecture/design and 3D implementation. The team is very professional, always ready to listen and responsive. The final product was delivered on time and corresponds very well to our initial brief and discussions.»

Aymeric DE LA BACHELERIE, Project Director


With this 3D configurator we count on the 3D viewer from ShapeDivertoo . This was integrated into the React single page application. Arcora processes product data, which can change continuously, easily and conveniently in the headless CMS . This allows maximum flexibility.


  • 3D Facade Configurator
  • Parametric 3D Model with ShapeDiver
  • Dynamically switch between languages
  • CO2 consumption calculator of the configured facade
  • Glass percentage calculator
  • Automatic creation and dispatch of PDF's with all information
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Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

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