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3D Kitchen Configurator - Automated from Sale to Production


raa cph - Dish, Denmark

Kitchen Manufacturer

Timber Construction / craftsmanship


Parametric 3D Viewer

React Single Page Application

IFC Export


2D & 3D Product Configurators

Headless CMS

UX & UI Design

Plan your dream kitchen at home with the 3D kitchen configurator

With the brand Dish, raa cph from Denmark is writing a new chapter in the history of kitchens. With the 3D kitchen configurator from Sitewerk, customers can easily put together their high-quality dream kitchen themselves. The production data is then generated automatically and transmitted to CNC machines in IFC format.


«We have the right partner in Sitewerk, to achieve our ambitious goals»

Mads Raaschou, Founder and CEO

Initial Position

raa cph has set itself the goal of digitizing the entire process from the customer request through to production to the installation of the kitchen of handcraft quality . An online application is intended for supporting customers in the planning and decision-making, and to effiiently coordinate the associated processes of consultation/sales, design, work preparation and production.


In order to achieve this ambitious goal, Sitewerk developed a 3D kitchen configurator in close cooperation with raa cph. This enables customers, partners and employees of raa cph to design and visualize dream kitchens. After the kitchen has been checked and created, production data is sent to the joinery's CNC machines and customized production begins.

User Interface

Dish kitchens are tailored individually and extensively for the customer. As a result, users have many functions available in the configurator. Thanks to a clear user interface, you can always see an overview.

3D Küchenkonfigurator

Process Optimization

The company raa cph not only benefits from the digitalization of the sales process and the associated increase in efficiency , but also from the way in which a high-quality kitchen can be designed as a digital interaction between customers and experts from Raaschou. The resulting CAD data is transferred 1:1 into the production process when the customer places an order. The improvements turned out to be a big win for the company, which stakes its reputation on high-quality dream kitchens in Denmark. The solution developed proves that "mass customization" has now arrived with customer-specific quality products .

With the 3D configurator front end, Sitewerk was once again able to use ShapeDiver's 3D viewer , which is seamlessly embedded in a React Single Page application . Together with the headless CMS, which allows the customer to spontaneously change master data or even add new products, the result is interaction with maximum flexibility.


  • 3D Product Configurator
  • Parametric 3D Model with ShapeDiver
  • Individual Kitchen
  • Individual Room Layout

«The configurator enables us to interact with our clients more efficiently and collaboratively.»

Mette Frost Boelskift, COO/CFO

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

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