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Helion E-Commerce Platform for Building Technology


Helion Energy (AMAG)


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Best of Swiss Web

Best of Swiss Web

Wow - Sitewerk wins not one, not two but three awards at the BoSW 2024: Gold for Digital Commerce, Silver for Business and Bronze for Innovation. We are incredibly proud and happy! Click here for the teaser video, here for the project documentation.

With a 100% digital sales process, around 50% savings in sales costs

E-Commerce with smartly developed CRM & ERP Integrations

In cooperation with Helion and Zühlke Engineering AG, a scalable multi-client e-commerce platform called THEIA was developed, which enables a 100% digital sales process and license business models. This is achieved through a large number of sub-applications, which can support various stakeholders and strategic partners of Helion, such as Ikea, Volkswagen, Raiffeisen and also end consumers, through telesales and sales to project management. Clever system integrations with Hubspot CRM and various ERPs, including SAP, but also the user-specific user interfaces for the respective stakeholders, reduced the cost of sales by around 50% and sales from CHF 30 million to CHF 100+ million in 4 years be increased. In the process, 90% of leads are generated via THEIA.

«We are five times larger than our second largest competitor. One of the main reasons for this was that we have a configurator.»

Samuel Beer, COO Helion

The E-Commerce Platform at a glance

With the development of the THEIA e-commerce platform, the project team revolutionized the sales process for building technology for solar systems, charging stations and heat pumps.

The customized software solution was tailored specifically to Helion's processes and needs. By using rule-based configurators, workflows, checklists and intelligent system integrations, customers and employees are guided step-by-step and fully automatically through the entire quotation process right through to project planning.

Helion E-Commerce Platform

The application modules of the multi-client e-commerce platform

The THEIA E-Commerce Platform now has various sub-applications that support various stakeholders and strategic partners of Helion, such as Ikea, Volkswagen and Migros Bank, from end consumers to telesales and sales to project management and can ensure seamless data exchange. This also through cleverly designed & developed system integrations via REST APIs of the tailor-made middleware "THEIA Bridge" with Hubspot CRM and various ERPs such as SAP, EsERP or Blueoffice ERP.

This modular building block principle enables Helion to expand or adapt this as the 2nd most business-critical e-commerce platform. The various company takeovers of Bouygues Energies & Services Schweiz AG, or later by the AMAG Group and the associated system changes, such as SAP, were also possible in just a few months.

An average of 600 offers per week are automatically generated via the THEIA e-commerce platform

The multi-client e-commerce platform in figures

Increased sales from EUR 30 million to EUR 100+ million in 4 years

Number of employees increased from 130 to 560

50% reduction in cost of sales

On average, configurators generate 600 inquiries per week

90% of all inquiries via configurator

Step-by-step recording of 150 parameters around Binding offer for the installation of any building technology

29,000 leads with indicative offers

Application classified as 2nd business critical next to SAP

Self-service quotation configurators for end customers

Self-Engineering Applications for End Customers

A component of the e-commerce platform are the various online offer configurators, which assist end consumers in the earliest phase of the sales process. In such a wizard, the end consumer can use the intuitive user interface to automatically generate a target price ( +/- 15%) in a dynamic web offer with just a few clicks, without having to have extensive knowledge of building technology.

These online calculators (solar calculators, vehicle charging station calculators) qualify customer inquiries and thus increase the lead conversion rate, also known as the "hit rate". These intelligent "wizards" can be managed (store rules).

Together with marketing automations, Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) can be generated 24/7 without human interaction. Around 90% of all requests processed reach Helion in this way.

Another important advantage is that these offer configurators are multi-client capable. The user interfaces can be designed individually and in the respective corporate design (CD) / corporate identity of Helion's partner companies such as Ikea, Volkswagen or Migros Bank in the so-called clients. Depending on the requirements, these clients can be completely separated from each other in terms of data technology.

Quickly reach a target price for customers with smart configurators

Quotation configurator for PV solar systems
This multi-client web solution allows the end customer to automatically generate a personal and dynamic web offer with a target price ( +/- 15%) in just a few clicks and without any knowledge of solar technology and to compare it with various technologies and providers. The web application uses intelligent 3D GIS data of every Swiss building, such as location, roof area or orientation, only when the address is entered, to determine consumption, dimension the solar system and ultimately offer this in a PDF offer.
Offer configurator for vehicle charging stations
Based on simple questions about the vehicle, the parking and living situation, the end consumer can find a suitable charging solution in this multi-client online application, compare technologies and have a personalized web offer made with a target price (± 15%).
Quotation configurator for building technology
Without specialist knowledge in the field of heat pump, air conditioning or alarm system technology, end consumers can compare different technologies and providers with just a few clicks and generate a personalized and dynamic web offer with a target price (± 15%). Intelligent 3D GIS location data based on the entered address is used by the multi-client web application to calculate the consumption, the building volume and the offer for the right heating offer, for example.


Pre-Engineering Applications for Sales & Project Management

Pre-Engineering Applications for Sales & Project Management

After the customer has received a guideline offer via the offer calculator and has thus been pre-qualified, the Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) is sent to the telesales, sales and project employees in the second component of the e-commerce platform, the sales and project management applications. further qualified.

This tailor-made and modular CRM software solution makes it possible, in an automated scheme, to support users in telesales, sales & project management without in-depth knowledge of building technology in the sales process and, together with the offer calculator, to reduce the cost of sales by around 50%.

There are optimized user interfaces that display CRM functionalities (lead management, task management, CTI) or KPIs for different users, such as call center or field staff. The additional mobile version with a simplified user interface allows the development, adjustment or finalization of offers together with customers directly on site.

More about the sales and project management applications

Telesales Lead Manager
In this web application, telesales is guided step by step through the lead qualification of contacts that were generated with the various online calculators. In the individually developed user interfaces, the telesales manager can assign leads, evaluate them or record other parameters for the creation of offers.
Photovoltaic solar system planner
This web application enables the field staff to adapt or finalize the offer for the photovoltaic system directly on site in co-creation with customers. They are supported by visualization tools that make the solar system visible directly at the specific installation site and thus make it easier for the end customer to understand.
project manager
Efficient management of different projects with a large amount of information and documentation in various project phases is no longer a problem in this individually designed web application for project managers. In clear user interfaces, tasks can be easily processed using manageable checklist templates and the project progress can be measured. Visual prioritization, rating and reminder functions ensure that nothing can be forgotten.


CPQ, Support & Integration Applications

CPQ, Support & Integration Applications

The heart of the THEIA e-commerce platform are the CPQ, support & integration applications, which mark the linchpin of data flows, client administration and product logic and complete the 100% digital sales process.

The CPQ solution is the logical and administrative center of the e-commerce platform. It collects and manages rules, variants, dependencies and product data. The core is kept generic to represent all types of products. The administrator area also enables the management of documents, e-mails and checklist templates for users, roles and client system units.
In addition, there is the individually developed middleware “THEIA Bridge“, which enables a modular software architecture with a large number of integrations for seamless data exchange (event bus) on and with the entire platform. These include peripheral systems such as Hubspot CRM and various ERPs such as SAP, EsERP or Blueoffice ERP.

More information about CPQ, Administration & Middleware Software

CPQ & administration software
This application is the actual "brain" of the e-commerce platform. This individual Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution enables rules, variants, dependencies and product data to be recorded and updated. However, the core was kept generic so that the rule-based CPQ engine can map every conceivable product. In addition, this administrator area offers the possibility to manage document, e-mail and checklist templates, users and roles, up to entire client system units.
Due to the high degree of digitization and automation from sales to installation and billing, data exchange with various peripheral systems of the e-commerce platform is necessary. The specially designed and developed middleware connects various systems such as CRM, marketing automation, data warehouse, Power BI, different ERPs, etc. via a modern event bus (Rebus) and system subscription concept. Custom


Sitewerk CPQ-framework for individual configurators

Sitewerk CPQ-framework for individual configurators

For configurators with outstanding UX! Our Sitewerk CPQ framework was developed with the aim of optimising your configuration, pricing and quotation processes. The framework contains all standard features so that we can focus on exceptional UX and seamless integration for your configurator.

This impressive optimization of sales processes has sustainably improved internal workflows

Around 50% faster processing

Save up to 30 minutes per quote

300 employees per day on THEIA

30% more leads thanks to whitelabling mandates

+200 projects sold per month via THEIA

126 projects sold purely digitally

The Process behind the Multi-Tenant E-Commerce Platform

The platform has specific and user-friendly assistants for the respective users (end consumers, sales, project managers, etc.), so that users without extensive knowledge of building technology can quickly receive a suitable offer.

Behind these assistants is a three-stage Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution that qualifies potential customers in a seamless data exchange between different peripheral systems based on around 150 parameters. From the target price ( +/-15%) in the self-engineering online calculators of the end consumer to the binding dynamic web offer with parts list. In this way, the various users - from the end customer to Sales & Telesales employees to the project manager - are guided step by step through the entire sales process and process-relevant parameters are collected at the right time without having to make assumptions. A 100% digital end-to-end process from the 1st guideline offer to the execution and billing of the order has been created!

We feed this digital sales funnel via the online calculators from Helion, the partner companies, digital marketing channels and driving marketing automation measures along the process.

Process Marketing Automation

Agile implementation in distributed teams according to Scrum

The project has been going on for several years now and is still ongoing. As is well known, a lot happened during this time - from the energy transition movement to the corona pandemic. An agile mindset was required to assert oneself in this rapidly changing environment, to grow from start-up to market leader with over 500 employees and to gradually pull the e-commerce platform along with it.

The Scrum Framework and a distributed team were defined as a collaboration model - with success!
The development team is made up of customers and Sitewerk employees at various locations in Switzerland and Europe in all Scrum roles. In this way, despite sometimes “remote only”, we were able to work very closely together and react quickly to changing circumstances or requirements.

«Innovation in digital sales has not only doubled our efficiency, but also created a groundbreaking customer experience.»

Patrick Felber, Head of Sales

Is this only relevant for building technology?

Is this only relevant for building technology?

No! The THEIA e-commerce platform collects and qualifies leads via this 3-stage Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution and is basically product and industry independent! The wizard in the online calculator client can be expanded as required and the product logic can be adjusted. Will this also work for your services and products?

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