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Sitewerk – Your Web Agency for Web Design & Programming

Sitewerk is a modern web agency from Solothurn.

Our team of designers and software specialists designs and develops custom software with a focus on design and user experience. With our web and mobile apps, we rely on the latest technologies and create digital experiences that inspire the user with their simplicity and captivating design. As a modern web agency, we like it flexible, exciting, creative - and digital. Our experienced team likes tricky challenges and exciting projects with modern web and mobile technologies.

We Design Your Website - with Corporate Websites, Microsites or E-Commerce Solutions

Corporate site

The corporate website is often the first point of contact for customers, partners or potential employees who want to find out more about a company. Our web agency supports start-ups, SMEs and corporations in achieving the desired effect with a suitable website. We create the website for your company.

Microsite & landing page

Our web agency creates lean websites, so-called microsites and landing pages , which companies use for marketing purposes, such as announcing new services, selling products or generating leads. As a full-service web agency, we support you with the conversion-optimized design and programming of the website.

Web application

As a web agency we design and program powerful web applications. With web frameworks such as React and Angular, we program websites and web applications with creative design and excellent usability. With modern technologies, today's web applications feel like a native desktop app.

Web agency for e-commerce

A suitable e-commerce solution makes a significant contribution to success in online trading. As an e-commerce web agency, we implement individual solutions from small online shops to scalable e-commerce platforms. Do you offer customized products and services? Then we will build a configurator into your online shop or website for you, which your customers can use to put together their desired product in the future.

«A web agency that loves creative web design, good usability and fast loading times»

Aron Heynen, CEO Sitewerk AG

The Process of Our Web Agency Forms the Basis for the Success of Your Project


At the beginning of every project there is an inventory. Our web agency records the initial situation and determines the goals that are to be achieved with a website, a new design or the programming of an app.

SEO strategy

Our web agency records the initial situation and determines the goals that are to be achieved with a website, a new design or the programming of an app. An SEO concept is also created.

User Experience

We value a good user experience. Websites should be designed to be user-friendly and lead the user to their goal as efficiently as possible.

Web design

Our web agency develops a creative web design that skillfully reflects a company and inspires its stakeholders.

Programming website

Our motivated web agency team programs the website from scratch and thus guarantees uniqueness.

Homepage hosting and support

We maintain long-term customer relationships and also provide support after the project has been completed.

As a Web Agency with SEO Know-how, We Ensure that You Are Found

Web agency for SEO strategy

We analyze your website and develop a suitable SEO strategy based on the company goals and your marketing strategy.

Technical SEO

SEO starts with site architecture. As a web agency with SEO know-how, we structure websites in such a way that search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! interpret them correctly. We create a search engine-optimized URL structure, ensure fast loading times and pay attention to the correct crawling and indexing of the content.

SEO compliant content

Topic relevance is crucial for SEO to rank first in search results. In order for content to be classified as relevant, it must be formulated in a certain way. Our web agency works with partners who know exactly what is important when creating search engine optimized content for a website.

More Flexibility and even More Impressive Experiences Thanks to a Headless CMS

Headless CMS and traditional CMS in comparison

With the traditional CMS (Content Management System), the front end is heavily integrated into the CMS. The focus is not only on the content, but also on the layout and the communication channel (often only designed for websites). This loses flexibility and possibilities in the user interface. Today, content is in demand in a wide variety of places and on a wide variety of devices (website, mobile app, smartwatch, etc.). Accordingly, flexibility is a must. This is where the headless CMS comes into play. With the headless CMS approach, the CMS (backend) and frontend (user interface) are decoupled from one another. With the headless approach, the CMS only takes care of the content and its structure. The front end is then exclusively responsible for the display. It doesn't matter whether it's a mobile app, a social media channel or a newsletter from a traditional website. With the headless CMS, the front end is optimized for the respective device and channel, which guarantees perfect digital experiences.

Because of the following advantages, our web agency relies on a headless CMS

  • Manage content in one place and publish in many places
  • Headless CMS are cloud ready
  • Generic interface (REST API or GraphQL)
  • Independent frontend for optimal experiences
  • CaaS (Content as a Service) for maximum flexibility in the frontend
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What Makes Us the Web Agency of Choice

With us, every website is unique

Our web designs are unique. Our web agency does not work with templates and templates. All web designs are custom designed and programmed.

A web agency for the whole

We accompany you throughout the entire process - from analysis and conception, to design and programming, to hosting and success measurement.

We choose partners together

We have a large network of partners that we can fall back on if necessary. All work can be implemented here in Switzerland or through nearshoring contacts.

A web agency with experience

The team at the web agency Sitewerk has many years of project experience. The web agency was able to demonstrate its knowledge on countless projects.

Further training and new technologies

As a modern web agency, we attach great importance to further training and constantly acquire new knowledge in order to meet the needs of our customers.

Our software is expandable

We program your website in a modular and expandable manner. With our well thought-out architecture and open interfaces, you can change and expand the website as you wish.

Sitewerk Team Meeting
Sitewerk Brainstorming
Sitewerk Software Developer
Sitewerk Software Developer

Interfaces and Modular Programming

Connection to the CRM

We connect your website or online shop to a new or existing CRM system so that customer relationships can be maintained systematically and successfully.

Interface to the ERP

We link your online shop to your ERP system and thus ensure automatic data exchange in real time. In this way, you can serve your customers even more efficiently in the future.

Marketing automation software integration

We connect marketing automation tools from the website to purchasing and sales to logistics to your company and your systems.

Individual email marketing solution

We connect your newsletter software to the website or the shop system and thus create an individual e-mail marketing solution for your company.

Let's Realize a New Project Together