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Our very own Marco Is the Winner of BaselHack 2022!

Solving real world problems with digital technology

On October 22 & 23, BaselHack 2022 took place in Pratteln in the Haus der Wirtschaft. During these two days, young developers and young-at-heart developers, technology fans and designers competed to find solutions to real problems and implement them with prototypes. Our frontend developer Marco Inniger won in one of the six categories - Congratulations!

Marco Inniger

Winning project "Watt-can-I-save"

The current overlapping global crises are causing energy prices to rise worldwide. Prognoses of a power shortages in Switzerland have become more foreseeable now than ever before. Saving energy within your own four walls is now on the government's agenda.

Marco and his team wanted to tackle this highly topical problem in a freestyle challenge which aimed at supporting Swiss citizens save energy and trying to place the recommended measures in a personal context.

Without delay on Saturday at 10 a.m., the brainstorming was underway. Teams brainstormed on design ideas for a solutions and defined how they can be implemented within two days. Time was pressing for the teams to present a prototype to the experts and sponsors and get initial feedback.

After the final touches were made on the programming of the projects, the final product was presented to the jury team. Competitors who presented a brilliant idea and were also able to convince with the implementation of that idea, could look forward to prize money - as did Marco and his team!

More about the prototype

The idea "Watt can I save" and the developed prototype will show the end user in a few steps where there is energy saving potential within their own household. Users can register for various “challenges” (e.g. only use the oven on convection mode instead of using top-and-bottom heat mode) and in so doing, have their savings potential calculated.

Watt can I save App Screenshot

The responsive-design prototype, which was implemented in just under two days, has various complex animations and user interfaces. Angular was used with TailwindCSS as well as DaisyUI.

Watt can I save App Screenshot