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What Pain Points could a Product Configurator solve for a Manufacturing Company?

A product configurator: efficient solutions for manufacturing companies

Find out which different challenges a manufacturing company can meet with an individual product configurator. We have summarized a few interesting points for you in the list below.

  • Complex product range: When a company offers a wide range of products, it can be difficult to manage the different options and ensure consistent configurations. Errors and inconsistencies can arise, leading to time-consuming manual corrections and possible errors in production.
  • Incorrect orders: Orders received due to incorrect configurations or unclear specifications can lead to production delays and unnecessary costs. Manually reviewing and correcting such errors can be time-consuming and impact customer satisfaction.
  • Long quotation and order processing times: The creation of quotations and the processing of orders can take a long time, especially when they involve more complex products or tailor-made solutions. Manually compiling product configurations, pricing calculations, and technical documents can cause delays and slow down the sales process.
  • Difficult communication between sales and production: Poor communication between sales and production can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of product configurations. This can lead to costly changes during the production process or even result in products not meeting customer requirements.
  • Lack of flexibility in product changes: When a company wants to change its product range or introduce new product variants, it can be difficult to implement these changes efficiently. An inflexible system architecture or a complex process to update product configurations can lead to delays and inefficiencies.
  • Lack of visualization capabilities: Customers often want to see what their configured product will look like before placing an order. If a company doesn't provide a way to visualize the configuration, it can limit customer interaction and influence purchasing decisions.


A product configurator can help address these pain points by providing a user-friendly configuration interface that enables product validation and error prevention, improves communication between sales and production, and increases efficiencies in quoting and order processing. It also enables the configured products to be visualized, which supports customer satisfaction and the sales process.

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