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bountyy - Augmented Reality Advertising Platform


Digital Natives AG, Switzerland

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Augmented Reality

Ionic Hyprid App for Anrdoid & iOS

GPS real-time localization


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A mobile app for an e-commerce advertising platform

"Hunting Pokemon was yesterday - today we hunt bountyy!"

They searched and ran through the streets, frantically swiping their fingers across the display of their smartphones - the trigger: the Pokémon GO app launched almost two years ago. Millions of users around the world tried to capture the Pokémon placed in towns and villages. With the great hype surrounding the Pokémon app, augmented reality technology also moved more and more into the limelight and is still considered one of the most promising technologies on the market today. Of course, this did not go unnoticed by the marketing and advertising industry either.

Bountyy app

With the new mobile app «bountyy», Sitewerk Digital Solutions GmbH and its partners have developed a new type of augmented reality voucher app. Instead of the Pokémons, the user finds so-called bountyy on the streets. If he gets close to a bountyy, he can catch it with a simple gesture. He immediately has a voucher in his pocket that he can redeem at the relevant provider.


The bountyy app, which is available for iPhones and Android devices, was developed with the Hybrid Mobile App Framework Ionic and thus Angular. The augmented reality functionality enables the use of the widespread Wikitude AR plugin, which has also been integrated into the app. So that the vouchers can be placed and found at the desired location, the geo-coordinates of the smartphone are tapped. The AR objects are displayed via the camera. With the help of an Angular Web App, an admin can easily create new bountyy campaigns and place various discount coupons on the map. The data is stored in the real-time database Firebase.


  • Handheld mobile devices for Android and iOS
  • Location-based mobile game app with real-time localization
  • Augmented Reality and 3D model support
  • Realtime data thanks to Google Firebase
  • Angular admin backend for partners and vendors

What Is Augmented Reality?

In the true sense of the word "Augmented Reality"; is an extended reality. The extension refers to the visual sensory perception. This means that what we actually see is superimposed on a screen with additional information by computers. This is in contrast to virtual reality, in which completely new worlds are created. Augmented Reality, AR for short, is usually used on smartphones and tablets. The devices always use the environment of the user as a basis. The smartphone camera films, scans, perceives the environment in multiple dimensions and also registers the movements of the user. As a result, the information on the screen can always be scaled appropriately and the user can even interact with it in real time.

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