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5 Reasons Why You Will Sell More with a Product Configurator

Individual mass production of varied products

«Mass customization», which describes the individualization of mass products, is one of the most promising e-commerce trends in the age of the digital shopping world. Specifically, it's about product configurators, which have become indispensable in today's e-commerce world. They can be used to sell complex or configuration-rich products in a simple way. In this blog article you will find out why you can significantly increase your sales rate with an online product configurator.

Configurators reduce complexity

Customers are often overwhelmed by the abundance of products and their configuration options. This leads to low sales rates and high bounce rates in the online shop. With the help of an online wizard or a product configurator, you can sell complex or configuration-rich products, such as a car or a professional bicycle, in a simple and understandable way. The user does not have to decide between the countless different models and configuration options. Within a few steps and simple questions, the wishes and needs of the user are determined. Using this data, the system then automatically calculates which product or configuration is the best choice for the customer.

Customers want tailor-made solutions

Customers do not want to buy just any product, they are looking for a solution to their specific problem. This can only be found if a product or a solution corresponds exactly to the requirements and ideas of the customer - which are very individual in each case. This can be easily achieved with a product configurator. With the help of various features and options, the customer can configure his product exactly according to his wishes. Once the customer has his solution in front of him, the hurdle to purchase is only minimal.

Optimization of the customer journey through user tracking

Only those who know their customers very well know what their goals are and what they are looking for. With the help of a product configurator, the behavior of the various users can be recorded and defined KPIs can be measured. Based on this measurement data, it is possible to analyze which products or configurations are popular with customers or even ignored. On the one hand, the configurator can be optimized based on the knowledge gained. However, targeted cross- or up-selling offers or campaigns can also be placed, which will generate larger sales in both cases.

Products that are not available from the competition

With an average product configurator, several thousand different combinations or products can quickly be configured using the various configuration options. With this incredible number of individual products, every customer will find the best solution for themselves. It goes without saying that no competitor's online shop can offer this incredible number of products.

Unique selling proposition in the e-commerce jungle

The variety of online shops and e-commerce platforms on the Internet is huge. Standing out and being unique as a provider is more important than ever. Only those who are different from the crowd will be able to attract potential customers to their shop. With the use of an innovative 3D product configurator in your online shop, you can achieve exactly that: to be different and better than the rest.

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Have you already thought about using configurators? But don't know how to start... Then download our free guide and learn important key questions from practice.

Find out more about Sitewerk's configurators and offer calculators:

Find out more about Sitewerk's configurators and offer calculators:

With product configurators, you make it easier for your customers and your sales department to prepare time-consuming offers for complex and varied products.

Configurators as an effective tool for digitization, automation and optimization

Configurators as an effective tool for digitization, automation and optimization

In this article we present the various areas of application for online configurators. We explain which problems you can solve, what the advantages and goals are in the respective area of application and how your company and your customers can benefit from them.