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A Web & Mobile App for individual workout plans


Continuum Strength and Health AG


React, Typescript

Tailwind CSS / Ant Design

.NET Core


UX & UI Design

Web & Mobile App

Software Development

Personalized workouts thanks to mobile app

Continuum Strenght and Health AG from Solothurn offers personal training, small group training and online coaching. Their philosophy is based on the basic building blocks of training, nutrition and lifestyle optimization. Everything has to fit in order to be mentally and physically fit and healthy.

In order to offer their customers not only a training studio with the best and most varied equipment, but also to support their personalized training with a digital solution, owner Marius Nydegger approached us with a request for an app. He wanted an application for his customers that would instruct them during their training sessions, provide explanatory video and image material if required and offer an overview of their progress. This new solution is intended to replace the previous handling with Excel lists and paper printouts. This technological advance not only benefits customers, but also makes the trainers' administrative work much more efficient.

After determining the requirements, we proposed a solution consisting of a mobile app for the customers and a web app for the administration, designed and developed it individually for Continuum Strength.

Mobile App for customers

This app is designed to enable customers to call up and carry out their training plan (phase, exercise, set, reps, etc.) on their cell phone or tablet. This was created by your trainer and personally tailored to the customer. As a result, they are supported through every training session and no exercise is forgotten or performed incorrectly.

Mit Hilfe dieser App haben die Kunden ihre Trainingspläne immer digital zur Hand und können Ihre Fortschritte digital überwachen. Auch der Personal Trainer hat Zugriff auf die Accounts/Daten ihrer Kunden, um diese beim Training noch besser zu unterstützen.

With the help of this app, customers always have their training plans digitally to hand and can monitor their progress digitally. Personal trainers also have access to their customers' accounts/data to provide them with even better support during training.

This app was designed as a progressive web app and optimized for mobile and tablet view and runs in any browser and regardless of the operating system. With the practical "add to Homescreen" function, it can be saved as easily as an app on a cell phone.

Statistical analysis of training progress

A statistics module is also integrated into the app, in which users can view facts about completed workouts and check their progress.

Mobile App Continuum Strength Statistik Auswertung

A web app for efficient administration

With the Admin App, which was designed as a web app, trainers can record and adapt new clients and exercises and put together training plans. The administration application should be displayed and function perfectly on desktop PCs with all common browsers in their current versions.

Individual exercises are assigned various properties, such as: Exercise name, exercise description' video (Youtube) or photos of the exercise.

For the personal compilation of workout plans for training users, the trainer has the option of assigning 1-3 exercises to a phase by selecting them from the catalog (500+ different exercises). The corresponding detailed information can then be added for each exercise.

Flexibility through cloud hosting

Hosting the backend software in the Azure cloud puts the IT infrastructure on a modern and flexible footing. Concrete advantages are:


As demand increases, resources can be increased quickly and seamlessly to ensure optimum performance and responsiveness.


Azure offers various services and tools that enable companies to design their backend software according to their specific requirements. From databases and analysis tools to AI and machine learning services, a wide range of options are available.


Comprehensive data protection, encryption, identity management and compliance support to ensure the security of hosted backend systems.

Cost savings

No investment (purchase and maintenance) in expensive hardware and infrastructure on site. Purchase and payment of resources only as required.


Azure enables seamless integration with other Microsoft services and products as well as with a wide range of third-party applications.

High availability and reliability

Redundant data centers in different geographical locations guarantee seamless availability.

Actuality and innovation

Continuous further development of new functions and services.

Environmental friendliness

Cloud platforms such as Azure optimize the use of resources, which leads to a more efficient use of energy overall. This helps to reduce the ecological footprint and operate in a more environmentally friendly way.

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