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A Mobile App Digitalizes the Recycling Process


Wieland Metalix


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Digital transformation of the recycling process for Industry 4.0

Metalix Metallhandel offers its customers a comprehensive range of recycling products. The previous recycling process was time-consuming and error-prone. With the introduction of a mobile app and an admin backend, this was comprehensively digitized: from incoming and outgoing materials to the qualification of the load and the creation of credit notes via a connection to the existing ERP.

Mobile App Recycling Process 2.0

The Swiss company Metalix Metallhandel is a subsidiary of Wieland-Werke AG, one of the most important copper material manufacturers in Europe. In addition to trading in turned parts, Metalix offers its customers an extensive recycling range. The aim of this project was to fully digitalize the recycling process.

The Recycling Process

Metalix accepts metal waste in all shapes and sizes. These are temporarily stored and then delivered directly to various customers, including their parent company, Wieland-Werke. The previous recycling process was time-consuming and error-prone. The data was entered manually by the employees and then processed in complicated Excel spreadsheets. The results, in turn, were then manually transferred to the ERP, which was another source of error.

Mockup Metalix App

The Solution

Several apps and a cloud backend were developed to ensure that the recycling process runs seamlessly, from weighing the material and qualifying the load to processing in the ERP. Android tablets with Ionic Hybrid Mobile Apps are now used on the forklifts and at the measuring stations. The office staff can monitor and control the inbound and outbound deliveries via an Angular web app. These two new apps communicate via REST API to a cloud backend implemented as a .NET Core 2 application. The cloud solution offers the advantage that nobody has to worry about the tedious administration of the infrastructure.

Mockup Metalix App


  • Recycling process is completely digital
  • No interruption in data flow (paper -> digital)
  • Fully automatic load qualification (weight, moisture)
  • Automatic settlement of inbound and outbound deliveries
  • Time savings in the warehouse and in the office
Individual vs. Standard Software

Individual vs. Standard Software

When introducing new business software, from apps to websites to ERP systems, the question often arises as to whether the requirements are better met by individual software or standard software. There is a rumor that an individual solution for the digitization of business processes is much more expensive than a standard offer.

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