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Product Configurator for Time Recording and Access Systems


Touchless Biometric Systems

Specialist for Biometric Access and Time Recording Solutions



Vercel Cloud



UX/UI Design

Software Development

Guided Selling

Offer Calculator for Biometric Access Control from TBS

TBS specializes in biometric access and time recording. With the ACCESS+TIME package, TBS offers the world's first cloud solution that combines access control, time recording and time evaluation with secure identification using biometrics. With the product configurator developed by Sitewerk, potential customers receive an initial recommended price offer after answering a few questions. Nothing stands in the way of online sales of TBS cloud solutions.

Initial Position

The Swiss company Touchless Biometric Systems is a specialist in biometric access and time recording solutions. To date, TBS has mainly been active in the B2B business. With the introduction of the new ACCESS and TIME cloud solution, however, this is set to change and in the future we also want to enter the market for private individuals and homeowners.

Sitewerk was commissioned to develop a product configurator for TBS cloud solutions in order to keep the sales costs low and to offer the user the opportunity to have a recommended price quote calculated online.

Product Configurator - Target Price Offers within two minutes

Sitewerk developed the TBS product configurator in the form of a wizard. As a result, the customer is guided through the various topics and the large number of questions does not overwhelm them. The offer calculator was designed according to the "conversion-driven design" approach, which aims to generate as many customer contacts and deals as possible. At the end of the wizard and after entering the contact details, the customer receives an email with a product overview and recommended price offer. On the other hand, TBS and the selected installer company receive the contact details of the customer, which they can then contact for further details and clarifications.


  • Product Configurator
  • Quote calculator
  • Lead Generator
  • Multilingualism
  • Complex Pricing Logic
  • Angular Single-Page Application
More inquiries through a digitalized sales process with online offers and offer configurators.

More inquiries through a digitalized sales process with online offers and offer configurators.

Whether for services or products - if you use an offer configurator or sales assistant for your many requests for offers, you can save time and money in your sales process. The automation of these processes and the 24/7 offer relieve your sales department. Although every industry and every company is different, bidding and sales processes usually work in a similar way. We will show you how you can use configurators and quote calculators to generate more leads online and support or even relieve your sales department.

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