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Digital sales processes with online offers and offer configurators

Guided Selling, Lead Automation

More inquiries through a digitalized sales process with online offers and offer configurators.

Whether it's for services or products - if you use an offer configurator or sales assistant for your many requests for offers, you can save time and money in your sales process. The automation of these processes and the 24/7 offer relieve your sales department. Although every industry and every company is different, bidding and sales processes usually work in a similar way.

We will show you how you can use configurators and quote calculators to generate more leads online and support or even relieve your sales department.

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We develop digital solutions for your product or service offers that are individually tailored to your needs

Lead Generators

Leave it up to your customers to put together their personal range of services and products - even outside regular opening hours - fully automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Qualify your leads and increase your hit rate. Enter the customer data in the contact form and forward it directly to your CRM and ERP with the configured offer.


Say Goodbye to Manual or Excel Calculations! The customer-specific offer is calculated automatically with the stored article master, price and product logic, if required also with connection to your ERP. Relieve your AVOR and sales when preparing the offer, reduce errors and standardize your offer system.

Step-by-Step Configurators (Wizards)

Step-by-step configurators - so-called wizards - are ideal for calculating more complex services and products, such as a mortgage, health insurance, heating or a wooden terrace. In several steps, the customer is asked about the initial situation and about the wishes and characteristics of the individual offer of products and services. At the end and depending on whether before or after providing the contact details, the customer receives a guide price or a guide price offer for his configured product.

Product Finder

Help your customers to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently create an overview of your product and service portfolio. Regardless of whether you use guided selling approaches, such as a free text search or smart preselection, you automatically assign the right product attributes correctly.

Product Comparison

Increase customer satisfaction and create transparency through good consultation. Show the customer comparative offers based on their needs and configuration, making it easier to choose between several suitable services and products.

Digital Sales Assistants and Chat Bots

It doesn't matter whether it's multichannel or omnichannel - today's customers are in contact with your company in a wide variety of channels at different times. Therefore, facilitate interaction with your sales force. Submit product recommendations with digital sales assistants and thus increase your cross-selling. Answer customer concerns via self-learning chat bots or enable live chats or online sales advice.

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Create a 100% Digital Sales Process with 35% Less Cost of Sales with Configurators!

Have you already thought about using configurators? But don't know how to start... Then download our free guide and learn important key questions from practice.

Or with 2D and 3D configurators for recommended prices and offers

If the focus is on the appearance and the look and feel when purchasing a product, such as in the furniture industry, 2D and 3D configurators are the best choice. They enable a visual configuration of the product.

The advantages of online offer configurators and sales assistants at a glance

Offer Efficiently

Customers are pre-qualified by the online offer. The most important questions have been clarified and you only advise customers who are really interested. This increases your sales rate tremendously. Offer configurators also support the automated creation of offers and sales documents.

More New Inquiries Thanks to Online Marketing

With targeted online marketing, you can also reach customers outside of your previous reach and network. The online offer is the ideal lead generator.

Customer Visits where it Makes Sense

Do not lose time and money traveling to customers who are only half-interested. Has a customer received an initial target price? Have the most important questions been answered? Only then does a site visit make sense.

No Waiting for your Customers

You can also reach potential customers outside of your opening hours and receive an initial price estimate directly. Let the configurator make the assessment and only come into play when a potential customer is willing to buy.

«It doesn't matter at this stage. It is about the pre-qualification of a potential customer and not about a binding price and direct sale. Based on your experience and empirical values, a rough estimate can be made. No matter how complex the product is.»

Aron Heynen, CEO Sitewerk

Sitewerk CPQ-framework for individual configurators

Sitewerk CPQ-framework for individual configurators

For configurators with outstanding UX! Our Sitewerk CPQ framework was developed with the aim of optimising your configuration, pricing and quotation processes. The framework contains all standard features so that we can focus on exceptional UX and seamless integration for your configurator.

We accompany you from the idea to the implementation and maintenance of the solution with our services.

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