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Agency for Individual Web Portals, Platforms and Business Software

We develop web applications and portals tailored to your needs

Individual web applications and portals represent the best solution for essential processes and requirements for many companies. Our web applications and portals focus on the interests of our customers and users. In close cooperation with you, we fully exploit the advantages of individual software.

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Customer and User Portals
Digital customer and user portals or customer engagement platforms are interfaces between your company, your customers and partners. They give the user / customer an overview of the range of products and services and promote customer loyalty. They make life easier and more convenient in many areas. Customer portals, employee portals, service portals, theme portals, partner portals, supplier portals, digital marketplaces and many more.
SaaS Platforms
Would you like to offer your software idea or service as a platform for a large number of customers to use? Then "Software as a Service (SaaS)" is the right software sales model. The application is hosted by a cloud provider and made available to end users via the Internet.
Business Software
Sitewerk will develop any professional digital application solution for you that your company would like to use to support operational and strategic activities and the achievement of overarching goals.
Intranet and New Workplace
A tailor-made New Workplace/Digital Workplace solution offers the opportunity to work anywhere and anytime. Applications are available at all times, knowledge can be exchanged easily, and information and data are made available centrally. The Open Source CMS from Drupal, for example, can be used as the basis for your individual software solution.
Single page applications with react, angular, (nextjs, gatsbyjs)
A single-page application is an app that opens in a browser window and does not need to be reloaded during use. Single page pages help to keep the user in a web environment and present the content to the user in a simple and intuitive way.


Advantages of Custom Software Development

Tailor-Made and Flexible

Individual software is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of the customer. It is built modularly and can be expanded as desired

Efficient Processes

Customized software enables efficient processes and thus time and cost savings

Fixed Cost Planning

One-time project costs as well as manageable maintenance or support costs. There are no additional costs for any interface development.

Interfaces and Integration

The individually developed software is seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape. No subsequent interfaces have to be programmed.

We accompany you from the idea to the implementation and maintenance of the solution with our services.

Our process, which has been tried and tested many times, leads to a tailor-made digital solution.

Free Initial Consultation

At the beginning of a digital project, there is a problem and great ideas for solving it. The first step towards your digital future is an initial, free consultation. This helps us to get an initial insight into the problem and to discuss how to proceed.

General Conditions and Scope

Before your ideas can be implemented, careful planning of the project is essential. This includes, among other things, setting out the scope of the project, discussing the conditions, setting out a time frame with dependencies, defining the project method and much more

Requirements Analysis

In order to find the right digital solutions, it is extremely important for us to understand your needs. The analysis forms the basis for the design and development of modern web applications and portals. The structured recording of the requirements and wishes for the web application are crucial.

Design and Conception

In this phase, the architecture and the UI design are developed. In addition, interfaces (e.g. your ERP and CRM) to peripheral systems are designed and defined. If necessary, a prototype is developed and presented in this phase. Sitewerk attaches great importance to good usability for all solutions.


Now it's down to business and the web application or the portal is developed based on the previous steps and the interfaces to the surrounding systems are implemented. This phase is naturally the longest of the entire process and we keep it very agile. This approach has proven to be very flexible, efficient and effective.


There is no doubt that the application is continuously tested and improved during the development process. You and your users are already involved if necessary. This step is integration and end-to-end testing. At the end of this step, the solution is accepted and thus released for productive use.

Go Live

You've made it - we're online! This phase is the real goal. The new web application or web portal goes live and is made accessible to users on the web.

Operation, Maintenance and Support

After the successful commissioning of your new web application or your web portal, the operation begins. Depending on your needs, the processes of your software are monitored and availability is ensured.

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